Compare two profiles in Salesforce: Possible Options

Ayub Ansari
1 min readJan 8, 2020

Heroku Comparator App

There is a very good heroku app for the same:

PROS: Very easy to compare multiple profiles and produce a comparison table.

CONS: Runs on heroku server — Security concern. Also, do not give next level drill down like FLS check, apex classes

AppExchange Packages

Bulk Object Field Creator:

Profile and Permission Set Helper:

Arxxus Profile Comparator:

PROS: Native app in Salesforce. Easy for system admin.

CONS: Do not produce as good chart as heroku app.


Being a developer I like this as it gives you full control. But you need git + Workbench expertise

You can have two branch with a file having all metadata of a profile (which can be easily pulled by using workbench). After that pull a request, it would show all differences as conflict.