Fiscal Week in Wave: Specify the first day of week in Einstein Analytics Dashboard

Ayub Ansari
2 min readNov 19, 2018

Based on locale, Salesforce consider fiscal week as Sunday to Saturday but usually it’s Monday to Friday for major scenarios/companies. Till now, It’s not supported to play with it in Einstein Analytics with OOB options as shown above link of requested feature. But there are two workarounds to achieve that.

Using XMD of Dataset:

Fiscal Week in Wave

Specify the first day of week in Wave Report

Using XMD

a). Open your dataset

  1. Go to Analytics cloud app.
  2. Click on Data manager
  3. Click on Data and search you dataset
  4. Edit Dataset using edit data set link given in row menu.

b). Download XMD file

c). Update XMD file — Open with Notpead++ or any text editor and add date start day attribute

Note: please replace your field name below with CloseDate field below.


(Integer) Declares the first day of the week: 0 = Sunday, 1 = Monday, and so on. –1 = the first day of the calendar year. To prevent unexpected behavior, specify the first day of the week consistently for every date field in the dataset.


{“dataset”:{}, “dates” : [


“alias” : “CloseDate”,

“label” : “New Close Date”,

“firstDayOfWeek” : 1,


“fields” : {

“day” : “CloseDate_Day”,

“epochDay” : “CloseDate_day_epoch”,

“epochSecond” : “CloseDate_sec_epoch”,

“fullField” : “CloseDate”,

“hour” : “CloseDate_Hour”,

“minute” : “CloseDate_Minute”,

“month” : “CloseDate_Month”,

“quarter” : “CloseDate_Quarter”,

“second” : “CloseDate_Second”,

“week” : “CloseDate_Week”,

“year” : “CloseDate_Year”





e). Replace the updated XMD file.